Suspended Ceiling Panels


Suspended stretch ceiling panels offer a myriad of possibilities, providing an opportunity to create a beautiful ambiance without the need to alter the existing ceiling.

When it comes to replacing traditional suspended ceiling tiles, stretch ceiling membranes can be a valuable alternative. This allows for the removal of any non-smooth fiberboard frames.

Traditionally, contractors have relied on suspended ceilings as the go-to material for creating accessible ceilings in various settings such as offices, retail spaces, manufacturing facilities, and healthcare facilities.

One of the advantages of suspended ceilings is their ease of installation and their utility for housing wires or providing convenient access above the ceiling for maintenance purposes.

However, the main drawback is that these suspended panels typically come in plain white with a textured surface that easily collects dust, resulting in a dull and porous appearance lacking in shine or color. To counteract this, colored panels can be added to balance the false ceiling or long lighted panels can be used to brighten the interior.

The stretch ceiling membranes used in these suspended tiles can also be printed and offer acoustic properties, providing a wide range of options for interior comfort.

While the standard dimensions of hanging panels are typically 2×2 or 4×2, larger panels can be used in industries to add a decorative touch or reduce the height of the surface, contributing to energy efficiency in air conditioning.

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